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Ping and Pong – By Amy Trevaskus














I was asked to review this lovely little children’s book called “Ping and Pong SPLASH”.


It’s the first book to be published out of a series of ten stories about a brother and sister who live in a clock.  Their best friend is a little girl called Lucy and she takes her little friends on a world of adventures.


The first story in the series is called Ping and Pong Splash, were Lucy takes her little friends to the park; they have a great adventure and lots of fun.


The story is very easy to follow and keeps the children interested right to the very end.  The Illustrator Alison Heath has done an amazing job with the pictures in the story book.


What the children thought:


Mollie (4) loved the story, she loved the whole adventure and it is now her favourite book for bedtime.


Fin (2) adored the pictures and it is the first book in a very long time that he has sat all the way through and then asked me to read it to him again.


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I was asked to review two new books aimed at children aged between 8 and 12.

The First book was The Blizzard Wizard by Frank Hinks, He is not only the Author but the Illustrator too and the book forms a part of a collection of the Ramion series. The book is a lovely hard backed book with lots of lovely illustrations on the cover and inside the book and would make the perfect Christmas gift for an 8 year old who was obsessed with wizardry and mythical beings.

My daughter Emily loved the way the author introduced all the characters at the beginning of the book, she said it gave her the chance to understand who was who. She commented that the book was a good read, she wasn’t too keen on the tempo of the book in which the story raced from one character to another very quickly. She thought the book should be aimed at 8-9 year old boys and she would have loved the story to have had more female characters in it.

Overall the book was an interesting read and she enjoyed reading about The Blizzard Wizard.

The Second book was The Secret of the Amulet by Alex McCarthy.

This is a paperback book to me looks like it has just stepped out of the Harry Potter series, it sounds all mysterious and mystical. This book would be a winner in any 12-13 year olds Christmas stocking, although its lacking in small illustrations it makes up with an amazing story.

My daughter Emily thought that this book was a little too old for her, but she liked the story and the way the adventure was unravelled, she also said she would definitely want to read the next book

Overall this is a fabulous story, and with this story to be continued in the next book The gifts of the seven, I’m sure all the children who loved this book will love the next one too