Mummys Mission


Freelance Media


My name is Lena Doherty and I source feature articles for national newspapers and women's magazines.

I also help individuals and families who find themselves under intense media pressure.

My job is to generate the best coverage for my clients as well as raising as much money for them as possible.

I represent a wide range of people including those trying to raise awareness, improve their profile, raise money or pay tribute to loved ones.

I have excellent contacts with a wide range of magazines from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Look, Now, Closer, Glamour, Grazia, Best, Reveal etc as well as all national newspapers from The Sun to the Daily Mirror.

My service is free as my costs are covered directly by the media.

If you feel you have a story to tell, would like help raising your profile or need support dealing with the media, or if your a writer/Journalist looking for case studys then please feel free to drop me an email at

I also have a Facebook page, you can find us at!/group.php?gid=122479691107508&v=info&ref=ts

As well as being a Mummy I also run my own PR business, please feel free to get in touch.