Mummys Mission

Team Mission

Time To Meet The Team!
Mummy Mission
Full time Mummy, part time Freelance Journalist.  I love to write and review all things mummy, from toiletries to cookware. I currently work for an amazing online magazine as their Celebrity and Entertainments writer.



Daddy Mission

Full time hardworking Daddy, part time vw nerd.  Daddy loves all gadgets he will play with them until his fingers hurt and he is the toughest person I know to keep amused.



Teenage Mission

Full time Bad mood, but the best gamer in town.  Teenage Mission will test out all your latest games and hardware.  He is computer geek of the year and can beat the best, so if you think your game is tough enough to withstand the teenagers and keep them happy, Teenage Mission is your boy.



Drama Mission

Full time Drama Queen, part time 9 year old. This is the girl you need to call on for all things pink and girlie.  If you have any books you need reviewing then this is the girl for you.



Princess Mission

Full time 4 year old with a passion for colouring, drawing and being creative.  She loves to play house and loves her dollies.  So if you have a new doll you want road testing or anything mumsy she is the girl for the job.


Monster Mission

Full on Monster, who loves cars, trains and everything else a 2 year old boy should love.  He will be testing out the latest toys and he will be advising on small parts that he can fit into his ears, nose and mouth.


So that's us, the team that will be road testing all your products, services and anything else you can think of.